For Franciscus Gasthuis & Vlietland, one of Rotterdams main hospitals, BLAV made a VR sim which tests the user's knowledge of using the Lazer surgery room and equipment.

BLAV was briefed to create a so called "sandbox" experience. This means a virtual surgery room, with all the equipment where the user can walk in freely. The objective given to the user is "prepare the room for lazer surgery". The user has to have his/her knowledge available to not forget any steps which will be measured by the simulation. Aside from translating the briefing into this sandbox approach, BLAV was also responsible for the programming and implementation of the visuals into the application.

franciscus VR simulator handschoenen aantrekken leren door te doen

VR gives the possibility to not only "show, don't tell", but also "interact, don't show". With this VR sim, BLAV created a simulation that comes as closely as possible to the real-life situation. Allowing the participants to learn by doing instead of reading or watching.