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We've had the pleasure to take on the development for Health House's "Lazarus Experience".
A VR serious game designed to make students of the city of Leuven aware of the dangers of alcohol.

When students are caught drunk, they get the option to pay a fine or go to Health house to educate themselves on the usage of alcohol.

In the Lazarus experience they experience the physical effects of being drunk (blurry vision, deformed sounds), while being mentally fully sober.
An unique opportunity made possible by VR. We present the audience with scenarios of peer pressure, bullying and dangerous distractions like balancing
on the edge of a canal while being drunk.

After the VR experience, a conversation will follow to assess the choices the student made. The student learned by experiencing. The power of VR.

For this project we'veĀ  made use of hand tracking, allowing the user to see and use their own hands,
and a VR treadmill so that they could walk around by moving their feet in place, adding even more immersion.

Health House

Directed by:
Studio Cousteau

Produced by:
360 fabriek
Studio Cousteau

Sound designed and directed by:
Driftwood Audio

Our colleagues over at 360 fabriek did an awesome job in providing life-like photogrammetry:
A process where a real environment is scanned and turned into a highly detailed 3d model.
This provides the audience of the experience an environment that feels natural and is recognized from real-life.

photogrammetry Leuven wip

Intuitive interaction is a big part of VR. To avoid having to explain abstract controls on a remote the audience is holding, we decided to use hand tracking instead.
This removes any abstractions in the user experience we would otherwise have. "Grab an object" is now literally "grab the object with your hand" instead of "press button X to grab"