Fact sheet:

Developer: BLAV

In Memory's development started march 2016 with the official premiere at
Kaleidoscope's FIRST LOOK in September of 2017. After that, In Memory has
been screened at various festivals around the world, winning the “Best Virtual Reality Award”
at Klik! Amsterdam Animation Festival. It was released on Steam in October of 2018.

Music: Giliam Spliethoff

Store: Steam

Release Date: Fall 2018


Locked away in a cold, dark prison cell and no hope of getting

released any time soon, all that Jedrick has

left are the most precious memories of his beloved: A means to escape

from his grim reality. In this short story made exclusively for VR,

The mental escape of Jedrik becomes a physical one as you

literally step into his memories and learn Jedrik's story.


  • A cinematic experience combined with the interactivity of roomscale VR tracking

  • An immersive narrative, exploring the unique possibilities of the VR medium to tell a poignant story


    in memory italian village with romantic couple at tablein memory submarine in deep seain memory hilltop with sunset in italian environment romantic couple huggingImage

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