It's a warm sunny day and you're building a treefort in your parents backyard. But everything changes when Ufo's come donw from the sky and drop off some angry, malicious aliens!
Your parents don't believe you, neither does the police.
So together with the other neighbourhood kids you form the Treefender alliance. You will have to use your wit and creativity to build a treefort that can withstand any alien threat. Do you have it takes?


  • Build your treefort with intuitive tools
  • Earn koinz by defeating increasingly difficult waves of alien invaders with your hand slingshot
  • Expand your fort: build turrets, fill it with decorations and add extra floors!
  • Defeat the alien fleet and save the neighbourhood
  • Sandboxmode: Set your own rules and build the treefort of your dreams...
This is a rough indication of our plans for Treefender, though features and time frames may change due to our own vision and your feedback and suggestions!

v0.2 (current build)






4-2-20 The rubber duck update is here...

We're happy to announce that Treefender has been updated to v0.204 a.ka. "the rubber duck update"!
Introducing a summonable hot air balloon, explosive rubber ducks and exploding slingshot bullets for you to enjoy.

Get the latest version of Treefender now


20-11-19 Prototype is live on!

We're very excited to let you know that a prototype (v.02) is now live on
Download it for free (or not for free if you'd like to make a donation) and let us know
on the discussion board what you think!

Get the prototype