BLAV was approached to design a mascotte for
the 7 partners of the Inspirium, a hospitality mall in Breda

During the busy, crowded event of the Horecava, people could come to the inspirium stand to relax, sit down, and enjoy this full sensory experience.

The mascotte was presented to the audience in a glass house where
the phyiscal surroundings where as much part of the experience as the animated mascotte.

In this unique project, BLAV was responsible for designing a mascotte representing the 7 partners Inspirium consists of.

What resulted was this venetian inspired mask, giving both a feel of mystery and surrealism and serving as a friendly guide throughout the experience.

An unique project which really inspired BLAV to think about other ways to make us of animation!


Directed by:

Produced by:

Music by:
Giliam Spliethoff

Voiced by:
Nola Klop