Locked away in a cold, dark prison cell and no hope of getting
released any time soon, all that Jedrick has
left are the most precious memories of his beloved: A means to escape
from his grim reality. 

In Memory is BLAV’s first Virtual Reality project for the HTC Vive where the main goal is to tell a story in the new ways this medium offers. The mental escape becomes a physical one as you as the audience literally step into the prisoner’s memories.

Directed by:
Bob Los

Produced by:

Music composed by:
Giliam Spliethoff


In Memory was screened at:

Kaleidoscope FIRST LOOK, Los Angeles, USA, September 20 & 21, 2017

KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands, October 17 – 22, 2017

More screenings to be announced soon.

In Memory has won:

Frankie for best Animated Virtual Reality 2017 at KLIK!
Amsterdam animation festival