BLAV likes to wonder:

“What if?”

What if there’s a snow coated forest with living, wooden animals?
 a place where you can literally step into someone’s memories?
Or a planet where Mantisaurusses walk across the lands?


With 3D animation and new forms of media enabled by emerging technologies,
BLAV turns these “what ifs” into (virtual) realities.


Dark, poetic short films, cute animated child series, experimental VR experiences:
BLAV offers a wide variety of both style and content
  • In Memory
    Physically step into the memories of a prisoner.
    An old man suffers from the drastic changes the expanding industries surrounding his village provoke.
  • HOUT
    Follow a retired woodcrafter living his remaining days in a snow coated forest.
    Dive into the world of a cute girl named Lieve Lieverd.
  • pingy
    Meet Pingy the Penguin in her natural habitat.
    These are BLAVs experiments in form, story, interaction and mood.


Who’s the guy behind the dog with the tie?

Meet Bob: Freshly graduated from the Utrecht University of arts and a head full of ideas. Always looking for the most interesting ways to combine technique with concept, Bob is an escapist by nature who dreams up parallel dimensions for breakfast!


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